Thursday, August 14, 2014

Branded Smartphones under the price of Rs.10000/- with good specifications

Nowadays smartphones are essential for our day to day life, it plays a major part in our daily life. Smartphones are make us comfort for stay and connected with friends by logging into social networks like facebook, twitter, whatsapp etc., and also booking tickets, travel route maps checking, online shopping, getting study material and checking reference etc. If anybody ask us to live without smartphones in present days it is not possible rather then they will ready to die and also they will feel as mindless.

In previous years smartphones are very expensive , but in current condition smartphones are necessary to every people. It starts from low end phone to luxury phones according to the peoples segments smartphones markets are diversified. According to the peoples earning and investments the smartphone industries are manufacturing the smartphones. Budgeted peoples are most of them willing to buy a good specification smartphones at reasonable price only. In the current scenario there are so many brands are ready to offer a smartphones at a reasonable specification and price ranges. So that according to their taste and color the smartphones are available.

Below are the top 5 brand according to their smartphone selling budget phones under the price range of Rs.10000/-(Indian Rupees).
Top 5 branded smartphones price range Rs.10000/-

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Sony’s new Fabulous Green Netbook/Notebook Sony VAIO® W Series 212AX Eco Edition

Each and everyone want to buy laptop these days, you can purchase 212AX Eco edition from Sony Vaio showrooms it is an eco friendly laptop. It is moreover made from recycled products. Its lid, bottom panel and palm rest are all made from 80% recycled materials and the 20% of that is made up from recycled CDs & DVDs. We can see Sony is serious about “green” ways, its carrying case itself has manufactured out of recycled various plastic bottles. Instead of paper manual it is giving the digital manual to its customers, to save the paper.


KidZui web browser is an entertainment for kids. In KidZui it not only a web browser, it is also search engine and online play station for kids ages 3 to 12 it’s inbuilt in W Serious computer. In this laptop kids have the full freedom to play, learn, search and discover the games, photos, videos, websites on their own. Kidzui has the large volume of videos, photos, websites and games it is reviewed by teachers and parents anywhere.For parents it give the gentle look.

In this you can monitor your kids activities through Internet online family. The Norton gives small tools to help you to manage their activities where they are going. It helps your kid to develop good online habits.


Its Connectivity is very good. It has tow USB ports on the side of the laptop and its connecting compatible cameras, printers, cell phones, USB flash memory and so much interesting for you. 


While Video chatting is faster on the W. Built-in camera and microphone, as usual and easy to hold face-to-face chat with your family and friends.


The sony has a gentle for your fingertips. It has amazingly designed keyboard with a extra option of springy and responsive keys it makes you to type the emails fast and easy. Its touch pad has friendly and easy-to-use, its not like other touch pads it is little bit extra size and comfortable while browsing. 


Explore with your VAIO W serious. Diagnose a broad variety of necessity add-ons, it including color matching different cases, Bluetooth mice and more. 


You can access up to 8-7 hours of battery life on its default settings with large volume capacity battery. It expands you to work, play, access, browse and much more.


The Sony VAIO® W Series laptop comes in a collection of Striking different colors, each piece contains its own persona. Its color will attract you, the colors available are Pink, Navy Blue, Cool white,etc., You can choose any color. Which one you are going to pick?

Price : $530 (approx)
source:sonystyle, gizmodo

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Amazing keyboard touch with LCD-Optimus Retardus/Optimus Tactus

People always like the comfort. In this line there are many products have been came another one in that queue is Optimus Retardus-Touch keyboard. Here we no need of separate monitor or LCD to display in the keyboard itself the display showing. It is very amazing to see the keyboard and to use it.

All the people are expecting to release of the product. Its specialty is to display the screen and type the letter easily when we are reading its feature it very amazing to read it. It is like LCD tablet displays.

 We always love touch surface, because of simplicity and comfort. May be this keyboard has extra features and no a limited usage up to the next technology arise. In a normal keyboard we can type hundreds of thousands a word each week we know that there is a limit.

We can guess that musicians, artists and video editors would very much like something like this always. It is also on of the top 10 gadgets of the year 2010. 

We expect soon this product in the market.

Source : gizmodo